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Note Records Not Showing Up Under History


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I'm encountering an issue with SuiteCRM's note module.


When I "Create Note or Attachment" it appears to complete and add the note.  However, the record will not display in the subpanel.  If I click the dropdown and "View Summary" I can view all the notes without any issue.








Can someone please point me in the right direction?  I see no page errors and don't know how to debug it.

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I've found a solution, turns out the notes module was hidden.


I thought when I hid the notes module it was just hiding it from the menu bar at the top.  I had no idea it effected the module everyone within SuiteCRM.  Once I re-enabled all started working again.


To change this go to Admin > Display Modules and SubPanels and make sure "Notes" is not hidden.



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