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Heya From D


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I just wanted to say hello. 


I'm a long time Linux user and Open Source fanatic. I prefer to use open source and Linux for absolutely everything I can. The only time I log into a Windows computer is when I am doing tech support for someone else or using Sketchup. I have workarounds for Sketchup for Linux, but it is glitchy at best. 


I do HTML4, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 and some graphics work. I also do a lot of systems engineering conceptualization and development. I work on space colonization designs in Sketchup and Blender.


I am currently the forum administrator for the Living Universe Foundation forum at sea2space.org. The Living Universe Foundation is a space exploration and colonization group. It's my major personal effort.



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Welcome to the board!


So the Living Universe does what exactly?  


Is it theorycrafting or are you raising money for something (foundation made me wonder)?

It's just theorycrafting at this point. We used to try and collect money, but we dropped our 501 status earlier this year. If people want to donate to little projects they can, but we don't try to do money right now. If we can get things back to an active membership maybe we will start again, but the group is a little slow now. The group was actually started back in the 1990's and at it's height actually had land and a physical project between 2001 and 2007. However, too much nonsense from the people on site led to that dissolving.


It's actually a grand vision with steps going from ocean to space. It's based on The Millennial Project written by Marshall Savage. A few of us die hard believers in the concept work steadily to try and keep it all together, update the concepts and get projects going again.

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