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Hey all!


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My name is Joey and I'm 21 years old. [insert alcoholics anonymous statement here]


I have been interested in how computers & OOP work since I was around 5 years old playing on my Hewlett-Packard with 2GB of HD space and 32MB of RAM. In grade school I discovered the Amiga 4000 when my grandpa gave it to me. He worked at IBM for 40 years. This is when I discovered the scene and the demoscene. Reverse engineering eventually came in the picture and it amazed me. I eventually started learning how to debug and crack software. (I know I know, illegal; that's in the past though) I met and worked with groups such as PARADOX(PDX), Team ICU, and Razor1911. I've acquainted famous demo artists like Alien^PDX and hacker/engineer Max Louarn. I Administered 500k member forums such as WarezScene and Project-W. (both dead) My point is --  this is what got me interested in self teaching. I started learning VB, ASM, PHP, Java, etc. In 2007 I met a group of developers and founded OdinMS; the first private server ever created for Maplestory. We reverse engineered the game and created a server source from scratch. Eventually that ended in a lawsuit with Nexon and I bailed from the project. I just got back into coding and to be quite honest I don't remember that much. It's starting to come back to me though.


Glad to be here and I hope to redevelop my skills to a point where they will be useful. 



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