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Hello everyone! It's your friendly fellow neighborhood programmer here! And boy am I excited to be a part of this community. What really caught me to come here is it's lovely design. The logo is beautifully made, and the website just seems to flow like water. I can't wait to share my coding adventures with you guys! *jumps up in excitement*

I'm a programmer (I hope I'm allowed to call myself that) who loves to draw (in real life, just to be sure). My current language of choice is JavaScript (another reason I'm here). I am relatively new to programming, having experienced the nature of many languages (C++, Java, little bit of C, Python, Processing, etc.) and what really drove me towards JavaScript was it's simplicity and it's forgiving nature (whoops?).

I hope you all share my enthusiasm for the art that programming is (and I'm sure you all do). So let's start this coding adventure!

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