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Fatcow Will Soon Be Offering Wordpress Specific Hosting


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This is not an affiliate link in any way (check the URL yourself), I just wanted to pass this along as I got an email from them recently regarding an upcoming Wordpress specific hosting package they will soon be offering. There is a form where you can sign up to be one of the first notified when it becomes available.




It sounds rather interesting. I did recently discover that they are offering a config file for W3 Total Cache, which will help speed up your Wordpress blog dramatically when using it on their services - this might improve upon that even more.

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They don't offer a whole lot of information but based on the limited stuff they do mention faster hosting for Wordpress installations - which seems to have become a problem with traditional entry level hosting packages, which Wordpress runs rather slow on. Almost every site I've set up for clients recently using Wordpress we've had to upgrade the hosting to get some reasonable speeds, otherwise it was taking several seconds for a page to load - even with an out of the box installation and very few plugins.


They also mention Wordpress specific support, which I don't believe their standard support really helped out much with in the past. Previously, if you installed Wordpress yourself they wouldn't provide any support. You had to install it via their control panel to get any support, but even that was very limited. Most of the time they would just recommend you uninstall and reinstall it via the CP.


They also tout some Wordpress specific security features, and better handling of traffic spikes.

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