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Google Web Fonts Look Jagged In Chrome On Windows


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As ironic as it may seem, there is an ongoing issue with Google Web Fonts in Google's own Chrome browser. You can read more about it ( along with some solutions) below:




This issue has been going on for as far back as 2012, if not earlier. I'm actually rather surprised Google has taken so long to fix this (the fix is supposedly going through testing and will not be live for a few more months). Some webmasters have even complained that they saw a drop in visitors as a result of this. The official thread on Google's forums is locked, and only open to staff currently.


Essentially, the work around involves hosting the fonts yourself, and converting them into multiple formats, then embedding them via the @font-face method. There is one additional step, to move the SVG font path higher up the CSS, which somehow forces Chrome to use it rather than any of the other formats.

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