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So I was reading the 'div or tables' thread,  and that got me to thinking about emails.


Has anyone had to do any work with these?  


If you're not familar,  it's like going back into time and building sites from the late 90's

Divs are pretty much not supported,   and many styles are not either.    It's so frustrating,  when you think you finally got it but then you go and test and it looks terrible in one email client and not the other.


Espeically frustrating when you do finally get it built,  looking good in everything.   But then you're client wants to change something,  but since it's all built in tables it's a major chore.


So just curious if anyone else has any tips/tricks with HTML emails.



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Yeah I use them a lot. They are good for notifying your users of new messages, alerts, etc.


They are pretty easy to create and work with to be honest.


The only complaint I have is that you can't send them via localhost. It is not impossible but it's frustrating as hell trying to configure the outgoing mail server to send emails. I never could figure it out myself. I just gave up and decided to work with my email scripts online.

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