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Hello all.


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I am new to database design, still trying to ease into it, there is one example I am working on, but having difficulty due to me being a newbie. 
Please find attached the scenario, and what I’ve got so far.
can you please help me with what the exact modeling should be for this scenario?
Thank you in advance,

Document Tracker System.doc

Document Tracker System1.zip


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its the routing(Entity) part(views) that i dont know how to go about, how to break it down.

how to make the routing path and Tracking from one person to another. As there suppose to be a routing guideline, internal and external routing path.
I am thinking for example ,Lets say a document ,documentId 12345 , of documentType 789, have to go through these 5 person.

 1 -----------------------> 2 -------------------------> 3 --------------------------> 4 ------------------------> 5
Officer2                 Officer3                         Officer5                        Officer1                        Officer8

how do i go about making a view for that from the routing entity, how do i split it into tables.

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