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This is the coolest ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video, period.


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Check out famous race and aerobatic pilot Bruce Bohannon taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge inside his plane. He placed the ice water in a little bucket between his seat harness and his shirt, took off, and then did a loop. The only thing cooler than this would be if an astronaut did it in the ISS.

I imagine they can put the ice water floating and then fly into the blob. Maybe we should allwrite to Reid Wiseman and challenge him to do it before he comes back to Earth. Let’s do this!

Apparently, someone took the airplane challenge a little bit too seriously:

A 51-year-old Belgian citizen in Girona, Spain, is in coma at the Intensive Care Unit with multiple trauma injuries after a firefighting airplane released 396 gallons (1500 liters) of ice water on top of him (news in Spanish.) The airplane, which was piloted by his friend, was flying 23 feet (seven meters) over the runway when it happened.

According to the police, the victim was recording a video for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. According to the doctors, he may not survive.

Image: The type of airplane that was used in the failed stunt.



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