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Some place to get a free VPS?

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I've got a question that may be related to another post (Recommend me a free hosting) but I thought it would be better to have it as a separate thread here.


The thing is I am working on a web app I want to test but a shared hosting (free or paid) won't work for me because there I cannot install a custom application like mine. That's why I'm looking for a VPS and would really like to get one for free because I just want it for testing purposes. I don't mind if it's just for a month or even for a week.


Any of you know of some where to find a free VPS?

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Hi Nathan,


It's a Red5 application I'm working on. I'm working locally on my computer but wanted to share and show my work to a friend and that's why I was looking for a free VPS.


I've been searching around and it looks like there's no such thing so I think my best option is to just sign up for a service like dyndns and host the app on my home server.


Thanks for the answer and offer :thumbsup:

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I think your best bet would be to use something like DynDNS and host the app on your PC.


You'll need to adjust the router settings to forward whatever ports you need to your PC, but once you do that, you would have full control of whatever functionality you needed in a server.


[EDIT: I should totally read all of the posts before replying.]

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