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How to do CSS width calculation with jQuery


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The CSS "calc()" function is great for giving an element a width based on a percentage of its parent's width plus or minus a certain amount of pixels.





.this_class {
width: calc(100% - 10px);


The above example gives the element a width of 100% of its parent width minus 10px.


But the "calc()" function doesn't work across all browsers yet (i.e. Opera). So how can this be solved?


Using jQuery is the answer. Below is a code example of how to do accomplish this.



<div id='parent'>
<div id='child'>


Let's say I want the div with an ID or "child" to be 90% of its parent width, plus 20px. You can do this with the following jQuery code...



$("#child").css("width", $("#parent").width() - 10% + 20px);


In the above example I first accessed the "child" element's css width property.


I then set the width by accessing the width of the "parent" and then subtracting 10% and adding 20px.


Hope this helps!

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Good to know, never knew about the CSS calc function, is that new in CCS3?  Is it used often?  Never seen it.


Yeah it's new to CSS3 and only works in select browsers. It's extremely useful though so we'll see it supported across all browsers before long. At the moment you still have to use jQuery if you want it to work cross-browser.

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