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Tesla Model S owners can pretend they’re in a James Bond submarine


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Elon Musk loved that Lotus Esprit car/submarine from Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me so much, he dropped $866,000 to buy it in an auction two years ago. By the looks of it, though, that’s not all he did: he also paid homage to Bond’s transforming vehicle by using it as a Model S easter egg. If you have one of Tesla’s best-selling EVs, just hold down the T button while on the entertainment system’s menu to trigger the Access Code prompt. Yup, you guessed it — you need to type Bond’s number code into the box (hint: it has two zeros and a seven). The screen on your Model S dashboard should then show the Lotus Esprit sub and a “Depth”drop-down menu with the max option of 20,000 Leagues.

Jalopnik says it has confirmed the surprise feature with Tesla, which told them it rolled out with a software upgrade almost a year ago. It’s only now that people started discovering it, though, or at least it’s only now that they’ve posted proof on Instagram, as well as a tutorial on how to activate it on

. Musk, by the way, plans to turn his Esprit into a real car-and-sub hybrid, but since we doubt he’d give us all a ride in it, follow the instructions below to pretend you have your own.


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