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In 2008 I had my first taste of working with developers outside of our company. The relationship was already established, someone else was managing them and the only person I had to speak with was the project manager on their end. What could be better, send them a list of things to do, head to bed, wake up and it’s done! I was spoiled…

In 2011 I moved companies and and we had a need for a group of outside developers. At first our budget was not very high so my developers I’d worked with in the past were not an option. So I took to Elance and a few other freelancing websites to find a solution. Posted my job and within 30 minutes I had a bunch of great candidates or so I thought. The majority had good reviews, completed other jobs on the site, so I looked through and decided on my top 3. I then jumped over to Skype with each one and made my decision, set up milestones and a deadline. After a few days of low resolution images, spaghetti code, a missed deadline and the developer being MIA I relized this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

The above is 1 of 100 stories I could tell. I can only imagine how many others out there like me, have run into the exact same issues. It literally feels like you’re going in blind each time. Now they are not all bad. After countless bad experiences over the years I’ve found some fantastic freelancers that I continue to use daily, but they are few and far between.

My goal with Freeelancer Reviews is to allow people that use freelancers a place to leave reviews, create a database of information on the freelancers emails, usernames, names, etc…compiled from any and all freelance websites. Next time you have a job you can then vet the users here to double check the person you hire can get the job done and doesn’t have a bad history.

It’s not all negative though. This is also a place where you can leave reviews for great freelancers. You may have 3 candidates you’re trying to decide between and while none of them may come up with bad history on Freelancer Reviews, you may find that one of them exists here with outstanding history.


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