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MySQL Database Backup Cron Job


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The most efficient way I have found to backup my databases on my Cpanel Linux system is using a MySQL dump via a cron job.


Here is the syntax:


/usr/bin/mysqldump -u username -ppassword databasename | gzip -c > /home/Digitize Design/public_html/_db_backups/`date "+\%Y\%M\%d\%H\%m"`.filename.sql.gz



All you need to do is replace "username", "password", "databasename", and the location of where to save the file. As you can probably tell it will also gzip the backup to save disk space.


Click here to view the article

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You can also make the date field dynamic.


Add date='date -I' to the start of the line then you can use the $date variable instead. This is what mine looks like and works perfectly.


date='date -I' ; mysqldump -u DBUSER -pDBPASSWORD DBNAME > /home/gadgetbi/public_html/BACKUP FOLDER/dbbackup_$date.sql ; gzip /home/gadgetbi/public_html/BACKUP FOLDER/dbbackup_$date.sql

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How did you do it then?

Manually just backed it up few times a week before installing a new mod or before making any change. I know its lacking on security it can always happen that my forum goes down but I didn't know i was able to do that with cron jobs I used cron jobs only for my php mafia script once so knew they do a few things but didn't know that they do this ;)
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