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If You Run A Facebook Page, Expect The Like Count To Drop Soon


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Do you run a Facebook Page? Heads up: your page’s “Like” count is probably going to drop a bit soon, and it’s totally not your fault.

The short version: Facebook is changing the way it’s counting likes, subtracting any accounts that have been either manually deactivated or “memorialized” after its owner passed. It’s something that probably should have been done since the beginning — but since it wasn’t, it’d be easy to think your Likes had dropped because of something you’d done.

One thing that’s important to note: it seems that this only accounts for profiles that have been manually deactivated. Likes from profiles that could be considered “inactive” because the user just hasn’t logged in for a while will continue to count.

The shift won’t happen immediately; Facebook says it’ll roll out in “the coming weeks.”

So how many Likes might you lose? It’s tough to say. While Facebook says to expect a “slight dip,” it’s all relative to how many Likes you have to begin with. If your page only has a few dozen likes, you might not even lose one; if it has a few million, that slight dip will feel a bit bigger.

If you run your company’s Facebook page and your boss gauges your performance based on whether that “like” counter keeps climbing, it’s probably a good idea to let them know what’s coming.


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Wow! This post is already 2 years old and it's my first time to know about this announcement from Facebook. I'm so glad to have found this forum. I'm actually running a Facebook page for our school organization and this information is a big help for me to not be discouraged when the likes are dropping. Thank you so much for this helpful information. (I'm a new member btw so it's my first time to see this post)

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Facebook is becoming over dramatic about everything. It now has more rules that a school, disciplinary handbook.

It has more algorithm changes then Google. Didn't think that would ever be possible. Lol.

I know this post was written in 2015. But now in 2018, it's even more relevant. Now Donald Trump is the president of the USA.

Not surprisingly, If you've watched the Apprentice,everybody is asking how? One of the answers, with the help of Facebook.

So why punish everybody for your failures? Why punish everybody because you put profit over morality and the future of the world?Smh. 

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I don't have any fb page/s to run as of the moment, but if it is true then it is a good idea for me. Facebook should close down those accounts that aren't active anymore for a long time. It also lessen the number of dummy accounts circulated in facebook community. You know, there are pages which have a lot of likes and followers but there are only 25-50% for active likers, commentators, and shares for the post. It seems not nice to see for me and I will feel bad for it because of the likers for my page aren't real accounts and active. Yes, thousands or millions of likes will attract people to ge to know your page but it would be great if almost just half of the numbers are only active? For me, it does not matter whether I will only get few number of likes and followers as long as they are active and ready to interact with my posts. 

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