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The goal with Prodjax is to create a tool that combines project management and the CRM into one seamless application that people will actually use.  It's been 9 months since we started development and it's coming along nicely.

Here are some of the completed features:
Project Management - Projects are the top level bucket in Prodjax
Tasks - Tasks reside under projects
Task Followers - Following a task allows you to receive notifications and stay up to date on tasks you're not assigned to
Sub-Tasks - Sub-Tasks are micro-tasks under tasks
Checklists - Have some small to-do's that don't really need the detail of a Sub-Task?  Checklists are simple and easy to use just for this
Commenting - You can comment on both projects and tasks with images, all nested views
Time Management/Work Logs - Track your time while you work and Prodjax will keep it organized
Activity Logs - All history is logged and shown within the system so you can easily see what's happened on your projects
Easy Prioritization - We use a simple prioritization system so you know what needs to be completed
Status - We have several status's so you can easily see is it open? in progress? completed?
Notifications - Our notification system includes both inline on site notifications and email notifications for all activity that happens
Due Dates - Tasks and Projects both have the ability to set due dates, but not required if ongoing
Creators & Assigned Users - We always show who created the task along with who all is assigned to the task
Public/Private - When creating projects you can flag it to be public company wide or private just to you and anyone you assign
Multiple Organizations - While working in a single area with multiple projects was the original intended way of doing things we quickly saw the need for multiple organizations.  Some users have multiple businesses.  So we allow jumping between organizations in just a few clicks.



It's currently in beta status, so free to use for the time being.  Check it out and give us some feedback!


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