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Setting Up Sub-Domain of Sub-Domain


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I had a request last week to setup a hosting environment with a sub-domain of a sub-domain.  I hadn't ever done it before so wasn't sure how or what I would run into.  Turns out it was an easy setup.

I logged into WHM/cPanel and went into the normal sub-domain area.

cPanel Sub-Domains.png

For this example I'm just setting up sub2.sub1.prodjex.com.  First you have to setup the first level of the domain, so the first sub-domain "sub1".

first sub-domain.png

After that's created you can now setup your second sub-domain level of sub2.  Make sure to select your first level sub-domain from the "Domain" dropdown.

Sub-Domain of Sub-Domain.png

Now your server is configured for the sub-domain of a sub-domain.  Now let's update your DNS records to point to it.  I use GoDaddy, but it's still just setting up an A or CNAME record at your registrar like so:

GoDaddy Sub-Domain of Sub-Domain DNS Entries.png

GoDaddy Sub-Domain of Sub-Domain DNS CNAME Example.png

That's it, your sub-domain of a sub-domain is now correctly setup and working once the DNS propagates!



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11 hours ago, melvs said:

That's a good information! hahaha I never thought there is a subdomain of a subdomain, thinking to do the same thing just to experience it. Nice thing to know, thanks for sharing.

Me either until a client asked for it.  

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