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With the arrival of the new version of Power Contest we will be running a new posting contest!

The user that accumulates the most points from now until the end of March 2018 will have the choice of the below prizes.  The winner will be the member that earns the most points, detail below.  As we continue to grow so will the prize funds, so keep checking back!

You must post in this thread to join the contest.

StartDate: 03-01-2018
EndDate: 04-01-2018 @ 12AM CST


1. You can accumulate points by the following:

  • New Topics
  • New Posts
  • New Reactions Received (Post Likes, Post Thanks, etc...)

2. Spam or junk threads/posts will not count towards your points so make sure what you post is quality!

3. Don't worry, site admins and moderators are not participating in the contest :)

Prize Options:
1. Domain

  • The free domain is up to $15.00 cost. (You can get a .com/.net/ect... for this price)
  • The domain will be purchased for 1 year.
  • Godaddy only, we will purchase then transfer to your Godaddy account.

2. Advertising

  • Free 30 Day Text Link in Footer Follow Link

3. Web Hosting

  • Free 30 Days of Hosting on our servers
  • 5GB Hard Drive Space
  • Hosting is on a multi processor enterprise server with free wildcard SSL Certificate
  • No porn or anything illegal

4. Cash

  • If none of the above interests you can take the cash option for $15 via PayPal

*Domain of your choice based on availability and price.
*Minimum 50 posts or threads to qualify.

Check your standings in real-time here!

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Wow!! This sounds so exciting this is the first time I have read a forum where there will be somewhat a contest and makes me feel so really excited and I think can I count myself in??

Yes indeed. I am looking for that $15 prize!! on the roll!! 


Thank you 

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16 minutes ago, Kakashi2020 said:

I'm new here and this is good news.  A contest like this would definitely boost postings and membership too.

Hopefully this would be a monthly thing, with different prizes each month.

Yes it will be see above, new contest each month and expanding prize pool, open to suggestions on new prizes to offer.

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This is one good way to promote the activities of all members in the forum because from my experience, everyone loves to get a free deal at the end of participating in something. Although, I just joined the community but I'm definitely looking forward to pulling off a shocker in the contest, so please count me in because I'm game. 

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