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It has been ages since I have played a MMO that I really enjoyed. I used to play WoW, Guild Wars 2, Runescape(way back in the days), and most recently ESO. Maybe I don't enjoy them like I used to because I used to have a group of friends that played these games with me. 


What are some MMOs you're still playing and what makes them enjoyable for you?

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Black Desert Online. I like how you start from a weak player and working your way to reach soft cap. I enjoy it so much because everyone is likely obligated to have a discord account. And its always fun to talk with your guild mates who you play everyday. I think this is one game that I won't uninstall even if the game is not that of a HIT anymore.

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What is ESO?

I'd like to try and play BDO, I just don't have anyone to play it with. I love MMO but I always make sure that I have someone to play with because I'd just end up being a loner in game if I don't have at least one friend playing. 

I stick to mobile gaming these days, the only MMO that's still on my phone is Alchemia, which I haven't played in almost a month now :( 

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