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Project: Prodjex "Forum for Everyone"

Joey Mercado

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Hello Everyone!

I am a newbie here and I would like to know if all of the members here are really those people in the world of programming.

I have made my initial self introduction in one of the sub forums here stating what I am and why I am here

I would like to invite everyone to also let me know you well and ask if there are any other professional around in this forum so that it can prove my topic title that  Project Projex is for everyone :)

Thank you so much and looking forward for your kind participation since I've joined also the March Posting Contest,. Thank you so much! 

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Hi sir Joey. I'm Jaybee (not my real name). I have also posted an introductory post about myself. I'm actually not in to the world of programming but I do consider myself as part of it (I guess, forgive me if I do not qualify). I am actually an Education student but I am very interested in to programming and anything related to computer because I also wanted to study BSIT, however the tuition fee is kinda 'un-affordable' as my pocket speaks. That is why I'm here in this forum, to learn about things related to programming and stuff. I hope I'll learn a lot and welcome to Prodjex btw. :) 

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I think not really programmer sir, But interested to learn like me.  I'm a computer technician and also interested in programming,  because most of the time my job is more on hardware, and I want to maximize my knowledge somehow to learn more about the computer.  This site is really big help for me to learn.

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