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Jump Starting a Forum


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What are the best methods for jump-starting a forum?

One method I used in the past was having a friend of mine just talk back and forth on the forum and eventually, others joined in. What are some other tactics that you have used or heard about?

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It can be tough.  The way you mention above sounds like a way to get burned out quickly.  

Start by creating and posting quality content in your niche.  Don't give up it could take weeks, months or years for your hard work to pay off, but as long as you stay consistent it will.

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Well, the method of having you and your friend chit chat works better for social forums where you can simply talk about life, and are not limited to a specific topic. And both people would have to love posting in forums and making small talk. If the forum is too limiting about what is considered on-topic, it can be hard to come up with new material all of the time if it's just the two of you to start with. Having a general discussion forum area usually helps alleviate that, so people can hang out and talk about things off topic. 

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