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How can I create a server for hosting a website?

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Hello everyone,

I would like to put a website online, however I would like to myself build a suitable server to host the same! What do you think and what material do you need?

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If you simply want to put a website online, shared hosting may be a better option than building your own server. But if you are building a website that will need a lot of resources, then building a web server is an option. 

There are a lot of possible ways to build a server, so I will start by outlining some of the options you have.

  1. Purchase a server and colocate it at a data center or lease a dedicated server or cloud virtual server from a web hosting company.
    1. The web server should be powerful and have lots of disk space and memory (RAM) as well as a fast connection to the internet (one that is designed for web hosting).
  2. Choose an operating system. Linux is most popular, however, Windows is also an option.
  3. Unless you are very technical, I would suggest using a web hosting control panel software, like cPanel or Plesk.
    1. These control panels also automatically install other components you need like web server software and mail server software.
    2. If you do not choose to use a control panel software, you would need to install web server software, DNS and mail server software separately.

These are the general requirements. There may be other requirements based on what type of website you are building.

For most people, building a web server is overkill. It is usually cheaper and easier to pay for web hosting from a web hosting company.


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I'd get one from a server company, not host on your own connection.

  • It's cheaper than building a server initially and for several months
  • Chances are your IP address is not static and will change
  • Potential down time 
  • Your connection may not have the needed up speed to serve the site with traffic

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