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Which app has helped society the most? Which one has hurt society the most?


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Well for me the GPS, or the google maps.  This one for me is very useful.  It's part of my driving activity right now,  it's easy to find the place, and will give you the best and shortest way.  It will also give you the details about the traffic.  And the app hurting the society for me is the google translate I think. they need to develop that app.  

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I think the most helpful ever since is Facebook. The transition of Friendster/Myspace into Facebook was a huge impact among the people nowadays. When I started using it, I was just using it for playing games like Mafia Wars and Restaurant City. Now it has grown so much that it publishes ads that can help you depending on your browsed content(cookies on your browser). And maybe it is also the one that hurts society the most. Imagine looking for the love or your life in Facebook and then when you meet him/her, you are the same gender, or he/she is a poser and is portraying other people. It hurts you know! Hahah good times!

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For me the app that have helped and hurt the society the most is Facebook. It helped the society because it made communication throughout the world possible. It's one of the reasons why overseas workers do not hesitate to work abroad because they can still communicate with their families with the use of this app (and it's affiliate Facebook Messenger). It also helped people far away to tell the world about their existence and their opinions. However, it also did hurt the society by letting people become judgmental towards others by letting them bully people online. It's the freedom of speech that Facebook opened for its users that the world had became an unsafe world for honest and expressive people. As a Facebook user, I have seen so many people throw shade and unpleasant words to others if they couldn't approve of that person's opinion, and for me that's just cancer in the society. With Facebook, cancers of society were given a platform to spread their bitterness and illness.

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