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Sub-Domains: How Can It Help Your Site?


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If you have multiple sections on your website or are using different scripts, sometimes using subdomains is a good way to separate those sections. Each section has its own unique subdomain, which makes it easier to type directly into the browser for quick access. For example, blog.example.com would take you directly to the blog.

It is also used on websites that have a lot of traffic or that require a lot of disk space, where the different subdomains can be moved to different servers as needed without affecting the URLs.  For example, www.example.com might be on one server, while store.example.com might be on another.

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It's also useful if you are using a third-party service, such as a hosting project management system, and you want to have your domain associated with your account. For example, you have your main website on a regular web hosting account at www.example.com, and your project management system is on the provider's server and you set it up so it can be accessed at projects.example.com. 

(I tried to edit my earlier post to add this, but it wouldn't let me.)

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I don't know that it can help your site, but it definitely can keep things organized.  

Such as here the main website is: https://www.prodjex.com and the forums here: https://forums.prodjex.com.  I also store some example code I create here: https://examples.prodjex.com and so on.

My project management system I do the same way:
Root Domain: https://www.prodjax.com
Actual Web Application: https://app.prodjax.com

My personal preference is I really like using sub-domains and prefer them over the trailing folder structure like https://prodjex.com/forums.

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