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Sea of Thieves is out tonight!


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Tonight, most people will be able to purchase Sea of Thieves and start playing it. I have been pretty excited about this game, and am looking very much forward to spending hours on this new game. 

For anyone who hasn't heard too much about it, its really a simple concept. You and your buddies can command a ship(size depends on how many people you have). You go out looking for treasure to sell and other ships to plunder. It's also a very beautiful looking game.

Who else is excited for it tonight? 

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57 minutes ago, tiong8d said:

I just seen the gameplay and wow! I'm amazed! I wanna play this game! On what consoles is it available? Is it available on PC? Now I'm hyped! It's cool bombarding enemy ships *pirate laugh*

Sea of Thieves is an Xbox exclusive but since it is a Play Anywhere game, it means you can play on PC. I played all the betas and it was an amazing looking game! 

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