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Social Media Marketing:How to?

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Well, it depends on if you are talking about paid social media marketing or free social media marketing.

With paid social media marketing, you can target your audience and if you do it correctly, and have an offer that converts (sells well) and is profitable, then you can make a lot of money. Paid social media marketing is also more consistent and measurable.

With the free tools they give you, it can be hit or miss, depending on your ability to build a following and create content that converts. You can be successful with the free tools, but most people aren't because there is an art to it and it takes more work than most people are willing to put in consistently. So it's awesome if you do it right, and a time-consuming waste if you don't.

So, basically, you need to have a good campaign that converts into sales, and you need to choose between spending time or money to market.

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Social media marketing for me is much more effective than traditional. For example, if you market your products online there are more chances that a lot of people will notice it especially if you're hard working enough to share your products to every page and every post (but you must ask the permission of the admin for that tho.) compared to the traditional which includes tarpaulins and print ads. I actually also prefer social media marketing because it's free, therefore the only thing you'll invest will be your time and your creativity. However, not a lot of people have succeeded with this type of marketing because they lack the ability to capture consumers. Also, even if you pay advertisements on social media platforms, it won't guarantee your success because content quality, uniqueness, and mass appeal will always come together when it comes to marketing. For me, it would be better if you research more about how to successfully market products on social media and do some thinking as well if your products are appropriate for social media marketing because if we say social media then the whole world can see it and if you lack the capability to transport your products and some of your interested consumers are from the other side of your country or the world, then they'll definitely be disappointed. But, there's no harm in trying so better try social media marketing and I'll pray for your success.

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It's a very effective tool in marketing because of the sheer numbers of people using social media nowadays its become a good marketing platform.  In YouTube for example, you could create your own channel by uploading interesting videos of your business or products and whenever someone subscribed from your channel then they will get notified on your next video upload.  So the more number of subscriptions the higher the chances of selling your product  or getting conversions.

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