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Years ago I was doing computer training, and I placed my website address and phone number on my vehicle in big enough letters so that people could read it. (Not huge, but not the tiny little signs some people have either.) It resulted in both calls and some traffic to my website checking me out. I'd even get calls at red lights from the person directly behind me. And I did get sales from it.

Going to local business networking meetings also helped in some cases. I not only got to know people, but people took my business card and some of them went to my website. In this case, my website offered products and services. It's hard to trace this one, so I am not sure how effective this was, but I'm sure it resulted in at least some traffic and sales. If I do this again, I will try to track it better.

I've heard that paper-based publications sometimes work too, but I haven't tried those myself.

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I used to attract my classmates and friends in person so that I can market my ways of earning. Sometimes when you salestalk them, it's much better than marketing online because in online, nobody believes you or just a few people. But when you talk to them, you earn their trust and they believe you. That's why networking companies always have this thing called "Seminars" so that they can explain their company way better than posting online. Good times!

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