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Minimum computer specs to start.


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It depends on what software you are using and what you are programming.

For example, if you are programming in PHP, the bare minimum software you would need is a text editor, an FTP program (or another way to transfer files), and a web browser. Most modern computers could handle that quite easily (assuming you are uploading to a web server).

If you are using more advanced programming tools, you would need a computer that could run those tools.

  • For example, Windows Studio 2017 would need a computer that could run windows, have a 1.8 Ghz or better processor, 2 GB or RAM (4 GB recommended), 130 GB of free hard drive space for installation files, and a video card that supports a minimum resolution of 720px. Ref: Visual Studio 2017 System Requirements
  • Other programs will have different requirements.

Also, if you are programming in a compiled language (i.e. creating computer programs) then the requirements would typically be higher. The faster your computer, the faster it will compile. 

The programming tools you use will often specify what the minimum requirements are.

It's hard to get more specific without knowing what kind of programming you intend on doing.

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If you are only going to use it to code, almost any laptop that is being sold today can cater to your needs. Applications used for coding, especially for starting programmers aren't really that demanding.

Even a laptop or PC with an Intel i3 or lower can still do a fine job. At least 4GB RAM should be good for basic applications and other computer tasks.

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