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Joey Mercado

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We all know a lot of  game addict or what we called gamer, maybe one of them is our friend, enemy, boyfriend, girlfriend and most of the time ourselves. But since we have a different taste in a gaming world I would like to hear your responses which of these TWO games do you think will be good to play at. Especially for those who really had the experience to play this LOL and DOTA.

I am hoping to read your feedback and responses here. :)


Thank you 


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If you haven't played these games ever, or if you're new to MOBAs in general, I suggest to try both of these games, know the basic mechanics/strategies and the champions and then pick whichever you like more and stick with it. It's better if you have a friends in real life who play either of those games as they can help you get through your early games to understand them more (it can get complicated for a beginner). Personally, I think both are comparable and each has their own pros/cons, both are great games so you can play either just for fun, but if you're looking to improve and get better, just pick 1 and stick to it. It takes a decent amount of time to know all the champions and abilities and the matchups and various strategies to win, so sticking to 1 game will help you improve and have more fun in general (especially when in a server with 'toxic' players).


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Ive seen my friends playing LOL, I tried it maybe twice. Both has unique looking, but in terms of graphical beauty, Dota is much better. More realistic and not looking like you are playing an online anime game in a browser. In LOL you'll get more fps, Because dota map has so much entities and if im roght LOL was draw and there's barely few entities.


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