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This is a simple WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin that allows you to create a page, drop in a shortcode and allow users to Request a Quote on your store's products.  The user can quickly enter in their contact information, search for the products they'd like to add and then submit the Quote Request.  When the user submits the form it sends the site admin an email with all of the details so that they can reply back with a formal quote.

It's a very simplified plugin that can generate more leads for your business.  

Install the plugin, activate it then create the page within WordPress that you would like to use for the Request a Quote page.  Here is the shortcode to add to the page that will generate the Request a Quote form and functionality.


The current functionality allows the user to do the following:

  • Add Name
  • Add Email
  • Add Phone Number
  • Search for products from the store
  • Click to add the product to the quote
  • Clicking add again increases the quantity
  • Clicking the "x" removes the product
  • If the quantity is greater than 1, clicking the "x" will decrease the quantity of that product by 1

WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin.png

Download on WordPress.org!

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I am using this plugin for my site and it is great. Thanks. However I need to format the text that the user will type in the request box. Currently it is grayed out but I need it to be black and bold so that the user can see what they are typing. Also I need the increase the font size of the categories I created in the textbox.


How can I achieve this?




Request to Quote.jpg

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mistake in screen capture
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When I type into any of the inputs the text is dark, are you wanting the placeholder text to be darker as well?

As for increasing the font size on the items you add to the quote just add this CSS in:

div.emd-container .select2-container--default .select2-selection--multiple .select2-selection__choice{
	font-size: 100%;


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