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Mining Rig Components


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A lot of people nowadays are into mining Cryptocurrencies, some do it on their PC's and Laptops while others use their Smartphones and Tablets just to earn a decent number of Satoshis, which for the uninitiated is what the smallest unit of Bitcoin is called, it was named after the Japanese who invented the Block Chain Technology.

But it was proven that using this devices are not cost efficient, you'll end up spending more, than earning.

Eversince the value of Bitcoin trippled last year, creating a boom in the Cryptocurrency  market, I was watching closely and patiently. When the price surge by December of 2017 everyone jumped in and invest and now after a few months all traces of gains were suddenly erased when the price of BTC went down hard.  

The goodnews is,  that I firmly believe that there's a big possibility that the price will again rise to new heights by the third and fourth quarter of 2018. Having said that, I'm doing my homework in researching how to build these so called mining rigs.

And it dawned upon me that it ain't hard to create one, all I need are GPU's, Graphic Processing Units, Basically high end fast graphic cards which is used in playing high resolution video and computer games.  So I need about 4 to 6 of those GPU's, also a good Mainboard and Processor, some RAM, applicable Power Supply, fans, riser, and a case which probably would be customized and I've got me a mining rig.  





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I've watched it on YouTube about mining rig and it seems pretty expensive. I don't know much about Crypto and I still needed to study to know how it works. I hope I could repair my PC because it's stuck now. I'm using a laptop so it's not ideal for mining it might slow down my application. 

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I think Crypto currency mining nowadays is a gamble. Before, you can do a DIY rig and  actually earn from it... you can still do a DIY today but earning might be make or break. Nowadays rigging parts are also commercialized, and the mining sites actually have their own special brands. This parts comes with a price and some of them are so expensive.


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Crypto Mining is a good business if you can make it profitable. There are lots of factors to check before you can see if you can make a business out of mining. You have to make sure you have powerful GPUs to mine with. You need to make your electricity bills as small as possible. And you have to look at BTC and other cryptos' price charts to see if it is bullish or bearish. :)

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