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Would you want a longer .com or a shorter domain on another TLD.

Paul Hunt

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I have been part of the webmaster community for the last 6 years and over that time, one of the biggest arguments is whether or not it is better to go with a really long dot com or a really short domain with another TLD such as; .cc, .ch, .xyz. etc...

My thoughts on this subject are that it depends on just how brandable you want your domain to be. If you want to have a domain that contains one or two words that you want people to associate with you, then getting a long dot com is probably your best bet.

If you want a domain that can easily be used for sub-domains, then going for a short domain with another less well known TLD would be your best option. This is more for people who like to start a lot of short projects whose costs would add up quickly if they brought a dedicated domain for them.

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I always like to go for either a .com or a .net domain and which one I choose always depend on whether or not the domain that I want is actually available. I would never really want to go for a domain like .cc, .ch or .xyz because I don't think it's that professional. If a domain that I want is not available on either .com or .net then I would try to modify it a bit to make it available. I wouldn't want an extremely long .com or .net domain though because that creates other problems like problems with your users not being able to remember it, misspelling certain things. If even after modifying my domain, I can't get a .com or .net then I will try to come up with another name that is available for me to get.

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