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Shared or Dedicated


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How would you know that it's time to have a dedicated server?  Is traffic the main factor or Poor hosting services?  

Having a dedicated server means more work and bigger expense while Shared and  Virtual ones  are cheaper and easier to maintain.


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Since I'm just starting out, I'll go for shared hosting. It is more cost efficient for the beginner setup that I'm trying to build I don't need faster services because I don't have that much traffic yet. If in the future my websites prove to be profitable, I could upgrade to a better hosting service.

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I think a dedicated server is for big corporations. Remember it costs money to setup and maintain. It does not make sense for us small guys to have one. A shared or a virtual one in my humble opinion serves just as well and is more friendly to your pocket.Though I'm not sure which of these two options is best in terms of security.In my opinion a dedicated server is more vulnerable to attack.The level of security that would be required for a dedicated server is higher. This skyrockets the cost of a dedicated server. However if your business is big enough and you can afford it, go for it.

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