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Hitman 2


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I have no experience playing games about Hitman 2. I heard that it is a good video games or x-box. It is more of action adventure games mostly like on mission. It would be fun to try but like you said, the price is expensive. It will be a hindrance. But, let's be hopeful maybe it will be cheaper after a few months  from release. I'll wait for that time.  It must be exciting to play that game.

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So unfortunate for me that I haven't been able to play the Hitman game in the past and now the Hitman 2 version of the game is already out. 

I have only watched the movie and I was so sure that a game would be made for it but I didn't follow it up. 

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The only Hitman game that I have played was Hitman Sniper for android and that was only a few months ago but after playing it I got curious about the original Hitman game and checked out a few videos about it and it seems fun. It is open world and players will have tasks or missions that they need to finish for the story to progress just like GTA. If I have the time I would play it but for now I only play games on android on my very short free times.

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