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IoT Arduino Uno


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Christmas is around. I have ordered my Arduino Uno from Amazon and am very excited already. I have plans to using it to control LEDs  with Music and also write codes to get a Camera working at some point of time.

My intention for the start is to attach a set of 50 LEDs with my Arduino Uno - write some code - they say to stick to C or Assembly - such that I can make these lights sync to some music.

I was just wondering if anyone out here has been into IoT or even some hobby projects using Arduino.


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I once had an Arduino project. It was back then when I had an internship in a local salt company. It was not out of a hobby but a requirement to finish before we end our training in the company. What I did is that I created a wireless control system device that enables us to control solenoid valves either automatically or manually using a computer with Arduino UI. These valves are the ones that enable seawater to enter the pond or be blocked. Also it monitors the salinity (baume) of the seawater for the device to know whether it should let the sea water enter tge pond or not.

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Together with my thesis partner, we developed a deaf and mute translator device using the arduino pro mini. We also use flex sensors and gyroscope for this system. If you need to develop small or miniaturize project, i would recommend this product, Arduino micro and Arduino nano. One disadvantage using the Arduino pro mini is that you need to purchase a loader which is cp2102, download and install the driver in order to load the program successfully. 

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