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What is the Best IDE you have ever used for Coding

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AS a programmer, you are always on the lookout for that perfect IDE (Integrated Development Editor). The same has been the scenario with me. I remember when I started off, I was into core simple PHP and back then, all I had was notepad. Eventually migrated to notepad++ and then found NetBeans.

But as I aged in the world of Programming, newer technologies came into existence - jQuery, CSS, BootStrap and what not. Even PHP migrated from being a Procedural language to an Object Oriented Language; not to mention the different variants like Smarty, CodeIgniter etc,

Gone are the days when you worked on only one Language at a time. Today, you do need to be aware of so many other stuff too and probably, you have also to include some of them in your regular work.

I have read and also heard from many that if you are on a Mac, there are great IDEs. Sadly not so on the Windows platform - when I say this I refer to the ones that are free to use or do not cost much.

For me, I have been using Sublime Text for a while now and do feel that it is one of the best for people who work on PHP.

So the question is - what editor has been your choice and what do you like about it?

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