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Since you can't exactly drill a hole in a person's head to learn how to read someone's mind Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale, why don't you focus all your attention on the eyes instead? They are, after all, the windows to the soul. How much can eyes reveal? Well, when a person has done something they shouldn't have and is being plagued with guilt, trust that person to look at everywhere else except the person he's done wrong to. Another eye body language sign of deception is blinking. Is the person you're talking to genuine or not? Observe to see whether their smile reaches their eyes or not. If the smile does not reach their eyes, then it's probably a forced smile. A fun way to learn what is on someone's mind is to play the word association game. You say one word and the other person says another that automatically comes to mind. For example, if a person is hungry, they might not be able to help but fire back words that are related to food. Of course, you can't expect to catch a person's thoughts at the first bait Cheap Cigarettes Outlet. You need to lead them on with the impression that the game is innocent Newport Cigarettes Coupons. And when they are caught up in the moment, strike hard. Learning how to read someone's mind will be easy for those who really want to master it. 

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