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Generate schema markup for a website?

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Schema markup tells the search engine exactly what your content on your website is attempting to express. It transforms unstructured information into organised information. Adding schema can assist search engines crawl the website better, increasing its position while keeping other recommended SEO practises in mind.

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Schema markup is a structured data vocabulary that assists search engines in better understanding your website's content. By allowing rich snippets and other unique capabilities, schema markup can improve your website's exposure in search engine results.

@context: Specifies the schema's context, which is "http://schema.org" in most circumstances.
@type: Indicates the type of entity being described, which in this case is a "Bookstore."
name: The bookstore's name.
url: The website's URL.
The URL for the bookstore's logo.
description: A synopsis of the bookstore.
address: The bookstore's postal address, as described by the "PostalAddress" type.
contactPoint: The bookstore's contact point, as indicated by the "ContactPoint" type.

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