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Artificial Intelligence


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(AI) Artificial intelligence is the latest technology that provides computer systems. And this provides the ability like humans to make decisions. The aim or purpose of AI programs is to perform complex tasks that mimic human intelligence. These tasks, including speech recognition,  pattern recognition, medical diagnosis, and weather forecast. That's why it considers the trending technology.

AI programs are used in applications based on navigation like Uber, IoT devices, Siri like voice assistants, Netflix like video streaming services, and search engines like Bing and Google. In automatic tasks also helps AI these tasks as scheduling trains, traffic, business predictions making, or designing cars driver less.

And the automation of AI is expected that in 2030 AI create jobs of more than 70 million. The jobs AI will create in support, testing, data science, programming, and maintenance. If we want to know more about AI programs, we can see the best content for nursing assignment help UK provide us through their writing skills.  

So AI learning will help us to secure our jobs like

·         Data scientist

·         Data analyst

·         Computer vision engineer

·         Machine learning engineer

·         Business intelligent developer

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