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Struggling with SQL query interview questions - Need guidance!


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I've recently been preparing for upcoming interviews that involve SQL query interview questions and answers, and I stumbled upon this tutorial. It offers a comprehensive collection of SQL queries commonly asked in interviews. However, despite going through the tutorial, I'm encountering difficulties in solving some of the problems.

I attempted to solve a few of the SQL query questions based on the explanations provided in the tutorial, but my solutions don't seem to produce the expected results. I'm unsure if I'm missing any crucial concepts or if there's an error in my understanding.

Below is an example of a query I'm struggling with:

-- My attempt
-- Insert your query here

If anyone could review my query and point out any issues or provide a corrected version, it would be immensely helpful. Additionally, if you have any insights, tips, or alternative approaches for tackling SQL query interview questions, please do share them.


Thank you kindly in advance.

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