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Are simulation dolls really only for sex?

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Simulation dolls, often referred to as sex dolls or silicone love dolls, are primarily designed for sexual purposes, but their usage is not limited to that alone. While many people purchase these dolls for sexual gratification, there are individuals who use them for other reasons as well. Some of the additional purposes and uses for simulation dolls include:

Companionship: Some individuals, particularly those who are lonely or have difficulty forming real-world relationships, use simulation dolls as companions. These dolls provide a sense of companionship and emotional support.

Artistic and Photography: Some artists and photographers use simulation dolls as subjects for their creative work, including photography, painting, and sculpture.

Therapy and Healing: Some people use these dolls as a form of therapeutic or healing tool to address issues such as sexual trauma, social anxiety, or loneliness. They can serve as a non-threatening way to explore intimacy and build confidence.

Decorative or Mannequin Use: Simulation dolls can also be used for decorative or mannequin purposes, such as displaying clothing or accessories in a retail setting or as decorative items in a home.

Whatever you can choose a life sized sex doll to relief loneliness.


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