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What script?


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Ok here is my idea.

I want to make a store where I will sell posts.

But I can't seem to find a good script/software for my site.

Do you have any suggestions?


There are tons of free shopping carts out there that require a minimal amount of coding knowledge to get setup and taking payments quickly. Between Nathan and I, I think we've tried dozens of different shopping carts / management systems.

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My suggestion would be to opt for OIOPublisher but it's going to cost ya. I use it myself (for ads, not for posts, though it also works for posts) and it works great in every way and the owner gives amazing support through his forum. I feel 100% confident recommending him and his products.

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Well here are more details about what I want:

-A main page with store

-to be able to make different posting packages and that they are looking good in the site home page

-A post count site (not scripted just an area where the user can see how many posts I done and all the basic info)

-Good theme



Well I want to make an unique site more or less I want to offer cheap posting with quality and I am kinda thinking a lot of how and what to do to make it work.

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Actually you could easily modify a free hosting company theme to suit your needs. You know how hosting companies have several packages on offer? You could simply rename those with "Trial Post Package" "Mega Post Package" "Super Post Package" and set up the prices accordingly.

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The hard bit won't be the ecommerce side - at least it doesn't look like it. That's as simple as setting up buttons which do preset Paypal transactions and even I can do that (they have a button code builder on their site, it's really not that difficult). If you want a shopping cart, there are plenty of freebies around. For a nice, pretty site you just pay a designer or borrow some free clipart and slap it all together.


The tough bit will be the coding for the part of the site where they can see what you've posted and where. That's non-standard, especially since you're not the admin of the sites you'd be posting on. You'll have to custom build that bit, I would imagine.

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