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Firstly, welcome to the Prodjex Forums!



Like the real world, there are rules. These rules are in place to make the forum run smoothly. 

1. Start new threads in the most relevant forum category.

2. Don't create posts with nothing but a link. If you are going to link to a news article for example, give a summary of it.

3. It's okay to promote your own things, but wait until you have contributed something useful (posts-wise) to the forum.

4. Personal attacks against people, or sites will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with someone or their site, take it up with them personally.

5. Don't "bump" threads and don't post duplicate threads.

6. Don't "bump" old old threads. Create a new one unless it pertains to exactly the same thing.

7. Don't spam the forum with things like:

  • Affiliate links
  • Nothing but a link to your own site (you can request a site review within the Website Reviews forum).

8. The staff here had the final say on what is appropriate and what is not.


Signature Links

You can add up to 2 links in your signature (no affiliate links). However, you must be a member for at least 7 days and have 10 posts. This is to prevent people coming to Prodjex and only posting to get some backlinks to their site.

Once you are able to have a signature, you can add it by going into User Settings from the menu and going edit signature. You can add up to 2 links, have 4 smiley dudes and can pick whatever sweet colors you like.

This is great because you get lots of backlinks to your site (especially when you get 1000's of posts!)



Warnings are used as a mechanism to track violation of rules/guidelines by users.

Individually, an infraction doesn't do much of anything (unless it's a severe infraction), but if a user continues to accrue infractions within a certain timeframe, their account can be temporarily suspended.


I Don't Want Others To See My Warnings

The only people that can see your warnings are moderators, admins and yourself.


Why Didn't Others Get An Warnings For The Same Thing?

They probably did. You can't see other user's warnings (see above).


How Long Until An Warning Expires?

An warning expires after a certain amount of time. That amount of time varies depending on the infraction. You can view the expiration date of your warning in your User Control Panel.


How Many Warnings Until I'm Banned?

If you are an established member, it would take 10 warning points (some warnings are worth more than 1 point). You can view the number of warning points you have under your User Control Panel.

Warning bans are not permanent and your account will be available for use once enough warnings expire to the point that your total warning points is below the ban level.


Why Not Warn People Via Private Message?

It's just not practical when you try to manage a forum of this size. You run into a few problems...

We can't know/remember who was warned about what historically. Especially when you have multiple moderators/admins doing things. The warning system gives us a history for the user that we are able to easily reference.

Warnings are quick and easy for us. Writing a personalized private message to a user would require a few people doing that full time. The warning system is fast and does the same job (ultimately you want to inform the user that they shouldn't do whatever they are doing).


Am I Notified When I Receive An Warning?

Yes, you will always be asked to acknowledge your warning before posting again.

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