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Now in 2019, YouTube is making its pitch compared with Vimeo. Most of the users particularly in our country prefer the use of YouTube because they are already familiar with it and the user interface is more convenient to use and has lots of videos to watch. When people here are asked about the two, Vimeo won't sound a thing for most of the users though.

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If I'm going to upload a video I choose YouTube. Why? Because it's what most people use and it's somewhat of the standard video platform. It's where most people are and it's where everyone is used to

On 12/21/2018 at 8:12 PM, SamV said:

From personal experience I prefer YouTube way more over Vimeo. YouTube is more popular  there are many more content creators on the platform. reason number 2 why YouTube is better, is because you can get paid. If you didn't know you can get paid with you tube by using google ad sense.

I agree with you that Youtube is a better platform compared to Vimeo. It's a useful and informative platform that helps a lot of viewers  They say it's a free university. You get to learn in many ways. You could also earn money using google adsense but it's way too difficult. It has a strict of implementation with regards to guidelines and policy. You need to work hard and invest time for it. It is always best to use your passion rather than the motivation of having money.

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           I choose YouTube. If you are a typical parent, I bet you’re continually chiding the children for chewing up your home internet bandwidth allowance by spending too much time watching videos on YouTube. I do this too with my two kids. However, don’t be prejudiced. YouTube is not only videos of babies laughing, kids pranking or the latest pop music hit. It can be remarkably useful for almost every manager I can think of. Sales, human resources, IT, customer service, marketing, finance.

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YouTube, definitely. It's because YouTube offers a lot of videos without the need for an account. Unlike Vimeo wherein you need an actual account and some videos aren't even available in your country. With YouTube, the choices are bigger and the width of the screen depends entirely on the watcher. The buffering time for the videos to load is also longer in Vimeo, which is a con for me. As a watcher, I'd always prefer to watch videos without any pauses. That's something that's pretty hard to do on Vimeo.

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