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What programming languages do you know?


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I'm more of a 'jack of all trades' when it comes to anything on the computer. I'm currently working as an SQL Developer, but learning PHP, HTML, CSS, and jQuery at the same time. I'd love to master all of them, but getting comfortable is where I'd like to see myself by this time next year

Tony, which database are you currently writing SQL in?


I know:



SQL Server 2008



BI Publisher

Oracle APEX 3.2 to 4.1





all with varying degrees of knowledge of course as I don't have any large program that uses all of those :) Currently I use PL/SQL and APEX the most with javascript and jQuery used in APEX

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HTML and CSS aren't programming languages, by the way.


I'm unbeatable in BASIC. I used to know Pascal, COBOL, LISP, C++, assembly, the Paradox DB language and a couple of others I've forgotten because they're effectively dead. I can get by pretty well in SQL and associated stuff (like Business Objects, Siebel and so on, though they're apps that use the underlying language rather than actually programming).


I pick up stuff very easily, too, so although I can't create programs in PHP, I can alter, adjust and add/remove pretty well. Same goes for almost any language, script or anything else if you give me a couple of hours to mess with it.


If you're including what I'd consider scripting languages (i.e. not full-blown), I've created apps in Access (an internal thing for the RSPCA), DataEase (a pawnbroking system used by one of the UK's biggest groups until they upgraded), Cisco IP telephony stuff and some other bits and pieces.


I stepped away from programming many years ago, though, because I got fed up with fighting machines to get them to do what I wanted.

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I've been programming for a long time now and I've used Windows-based programming languages like COBOL, Clipper, xBase and Visual Foxpro for programming business applications for local clients.


However, I'm familiar with Java, C, C++ and now, I'm planning to do a lot of Android programming (which is, of course, just Java for mobile devices). And since I'm also developing websites, I know PHP, CSS and HTML.

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The only programming language I know is PHP and I am not good at it as well. If it is web designing, I am good with HTML and CSS.


I have tried learning PHP but never succeeded in it and found that I was getting bored too quickly. So I gave up on it.

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We learnt a lot of programming languages at the university but I also learnt some just on my own with the help of online tutorials. Here is the list:

C, C++, C#, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Java, Assembly, Verilog

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I barely know any languages. I can stumble around HTML and PHP. I've recently been learning VB 2010, but it's hard going! But I'm a techy, repairing and installation of equipment.

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I dont know much but I know almost all of HTML, a little php, and a little bit of CSS.. I'm going to try and learn more of the programming languages this summer but we'll just have to wait and see what happens. I wouldn't mind doing coding as a side business later in life so I'm going to try and learn as much as I can now.. I plan on doing most of my learning from websites.

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Well, I know some VB.Net. enough to make a basic application like a text editor or something like that. I'm advanced in PAWN (not really used, mostly used for SAMP (San Andreas Multiplayer) servers), and I know a bit of PHP, but not enough to actually code anything useful in it. I'm still learning stuff, and I hope that I'll be able to say for myself in the next 3-4 years that I'm an advanced coder in any of the above mentioned languages.

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Hello Developer Base!


My first post!


I generally do not like listing skill-sets, however if it can be done tactfully and not a "competition". Then there is no harm in it I think.


I'm constantly learning and I will be a permanent student for the rest of my life. However through my current journey of knowledge I've meet these strangers (Note: I've included things that are not programming languages, but are things I've encountered/worked with):

  • C#.NET,.NET 4.0,LINQ,VB.NET,ASP.NET,Python,F# (Basic),
  • WPF (Basic),
  • SilverLight(Basic)
  • PHP (very basic),
  • IIS 6 & 7 (Intermediate),
  • VB6,
  • JavaScript (very nice)
  • LISP (Beautiful)
  • SQL 2005 & 2008, MySQL
  • (X)HTML,
  • SGML,
  • XML,
  • XSLT,
  • jQuery,
  • HASKELL (Basic),
  • SubVersion,
  • LaTeX,
  • AutoCAD,
  • NX IDEAS 10,
  • Processing 1.0,
  • Clemintines,
  • Knowledge Studio,
  • x86 & Z80 Assembly,
  • 3DS Max 2010, Blender
  • AudoDesk Combustion,
  • Adobe After Effects CS3,
  • SynthEyes,
  • PFTrack,
  • GNUPlot,
  • Dot Language (GraphViz),
  • Sony Vegas 7,
  • Open Concept Judo, Wing Tsun (Orange Belt)

Again, I'm just learning, some things above I've only played with, others I know deeply. Above all its about constantly learning!

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I know HTML and CSS. I know very basic Javascript & PHP Just a little and even less AJAX. I'm still learning and would love to learn more JS, PHP and Ajax though. It'd be great to know and master these languages as many applications I use are written with PHP, Jquery and Mysql. I know very basic Mysql but nothing too in-depth. I just can't seem to find the time to crack open one of the books I bought and intended to read. Time just doesn't permit me to doing so, at least not at this point in my life. I'm familiar the following programming languages with Assembly (NASM Syntax), Perl, and C/C++. I'm good with VB/VB .NET and Delphi. As for Markup... I'm okay with HTML, but not so good with CSS. I'm also familiar with MySQL databases. I used to be quite comfortable with Visual Basic, I was intermediate with C, but never really pushed ahead to get full compentant. I have never even attempted assembly. I dabbled in Pearl also, but never used it apart from learning. I can do HTML/CSS but that is more scripting.

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