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  1. I have also used Ubuntu for this feature. Since I don't have that many windows open, this feature is not really necessary for me. I'm alright with a show desktop button (thank you Microsoft for putting it in Windows 7!) I like to play with it from time to time, however. It has a very cool transition through each of the desktops.
  2. Yes, I do know that there are Mac viruses out there, I am just not aware of what they specifically do. I'm more concerned about my Bootcamp partition, and do not want to get a virus there. I do not run any anti-virus on my Mac, just to save money.
  3. This seems like an interesting website! I think I will use this when my Mac becomes out-dated. Having the money Paypal'd to me would be great as well! I'm glad they put an option for shipping your Mac, because that's the only Apple brand device I have in my house at the moment. Thanks for the share!
  4. If you have 3 GB of RAM, I would just automatically get a 64 bit version of Windows 7. Drivers won't be too much of a problem. Getting 64 bit is important just to insure that all of your hardware is getting used to its fullest, so your can get the most out of your computer. Your computer might even be faster!
  5. I only use Facebook and Twitter for my websites. I believe that putting too many of these sites on my website decreases its look. Since I have a flash website, I just want to keep it clean and make it look dazzling. As for advertising, I advertise on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. I believe these websites have more than enough people to wonder onto my website.
  6. I have a Macbook Pro with a/an... Intel i5 processor Intel HD Graphics 3000 1280x800 resolution display 4 GB RAM 320 GB 5400 RPM hard drive I don't have many upgrade options other than the hard drive and RAM.
  7. Thank you for the solution! I do many things with WinRar, and it is such a hassle to click the close button every time I open the program. Sometimes I open multiple windows of WinRar, and a bunch of popups open, cluttering my toolbar. It's nice to have this solution!
  8. I have seen that the younger generation (at least where I live) is declining in Facebook usage. I remember seeing them post 24/7, just on it posting everything that you could know! Nowadays, they are out and about traveling, not caring much for their Facebook. I have also talked to my mom as well, and she has been using Facebook more often. I suppose the older generation is getting used to technology!
  9. What do you prefer? Desktops or laptops? Desktops -Not mobile -Big/heavy -Can be upgraded -Much more powerful -Cost less in terms of power Laptops -Mobile -Can be small and light -Cannot be upgraded (with the exception of RAM and hard drive) -Not as powerful as a desktop -Cost more in terms of power I personally prefer laptops because of their mobility.
  10. If I ever need to speed up my Windows installation, I first open MSconfig and tweak the settings in there. Next, I turn off features I do not need (such as games and Internet Explorer). You can find all of this by making a simple search from your Windows menu. I also install programs that help speed up my PC. CCleaner is a good solution. It can clear your browser history and cookies, as well as cache from the whole OS. It can also clean up your registry and uninstall programs. My last solution is Game Booster. This stops services not needed for gaming. You can use this even if you don't game,
  11. I own a Macbook Pro 13-inch. It has an Intel i5 processor, with Intel HD Graphics. My Mac is not the fastest out there, so gaming is not an option. I mainly use it for browsing the internet and doing simple movie editing. If you get a 15-inch, however, you may be able to get more juice out of it. If you are thinking of getting a 13-inch, just remember it isn't as fast or as powerful as a 15-inch!
  12. What is your favorite brand processor, from computing to graphics? My favorite brands are both Intel and Nvidia. Intel processors are just great. I have better experience with them compared to AMD! I also like Nvidia because their graphics are just powerful. I have an Intel graphics card and I have to say that it is much weaker than Nvidia. What are your thoughts?
  13. My primary browser is Safari. I use Safari because it has a very smooth and fast interface. Though it does not have many customizations, it still gets the job done. I also use Google Chrome. Chrome is truly lightning fast, as it loads pages in a blink of an eye. What makes it unique is its simplicity. There is a tab bar, URL bar, and a few buttons. That's it! You can also add various extensions such as themes and utilities, like AdBlock or FlashBlock. The king of extensions is not Chrome, however. This title belongs to Firefox. Firefox is completely customizable. Themes, personas, you name it!
  14. I have Hackintosh'd before, I will admit it. While the process of getting it to work is rough, the end result is amazing. It can turn your weak netbook into something faster and smoother. I will say, however, updates and upgrades will become quite challenging. You must know what updates you install, and must have compatible hardware. I have noticed that getting it to work is my favorite process, not getting to the end. (Weird, right?) Anyway, if you plan on Hackintosh'ing, you must have good patience, basic computer knowledge, and good researching skills. I also believe that you should buy App
  15. I look at a Macbook Air as a very thin netbook. They are excellent in portability and weight, but lack internal power. The Macbook Air is for someone who doesn't need the power to edit videos or game. A good alternative is the Macbook Pro. While it gains more weight, it also gains more power to accomplish more tasks. If you want a smaller laptop with more power, the 13-inch is fine. If you need lots of power for serious video editing and gaming, a 15-inch or 17-inch will suit you. I do suggest the 15-inch, though, just for its power. The 13-inch is a little too under-powered for my tastes.
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