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  1. I once tried this, or something very similar. Made a good 30 bucks with an one hour of work. Totally worth it, good experience. However I don't see a stable business in this so I left it there.
  2. Every now and then when I am using someone else's PC that has Bing as default search engine, I try using it. I only have negative experience with it as I've never really found what I was looking for.
  3. Your clan is most probably not going to need any fancy forum. As an option to the above answers I would suggest you take a look into premade and free hosted forums such as Forumotion
  4. Indeed if you are looking to increase your gaming performance you probably do not need to upgrade your CPU. But if you are looking to boost openGL accelerated rendering, then I you need to consider upgrading your CPU.
  5. For guides that has anything to do with mobile devices, I would look in XDA-Developers. I believe their iPhone section is called "iPhone Developers". ps. I'm not posting a link since its another forum.
  6. Heh, I find it funny how you mentioned the even numbers... win2000, Vista... I personally hate everyone who hates the change. I am going to upgrade to Windows 8 as soon as it stops being updated every one hour so I am not restarting my PC more than actually running it.
  7. I don't really see a reason why would you go with the word or number one(1) on the domain name. But if it really is mandatory, perhaps the number would make it more unique and faster to type.
  8. My little brother also has the AppleTV. I never really cared to understand what it is... Now that I read through the page you linked, I noticed that it just uses services like Netflix. Well this really would not solve my problem, as it is not exactly about the movies, but more of making someone smile. And you're right. Most of students either do not watch movies/series at all, or just simply pirate them. Even though it is illegal, I think it is still the ethically right thing to do. I do not have the money to buy every single movie for 30$, but I still want to watch them because I am re
  9. Here's an image demonstrating how I tried to attach an image. Note I tried to use the smaller image on Google on purpose.
  10. Sorry it was my bad. I tried to attach the following url as an image: https://encrypted-tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTi5diAeSIjFNAeZqQLLwKCxi4-0bg0Lw_5srEwkWoO5WX0OO6C It's some weird encrypted google URL that doesn't end in any extension even though it seems to be the full path to the image. Another issue I noticed was with resizing the image that I got to succesfully attach. The image didn't keep the new size I set to it on the forums but resized back to it's original. Might just be me being stupid again
  11. I posted this on another forum, and they found it useful. So I thought I might aswell share it here. I recently purchased this, and yet having nothing to regret. I've ran a couple of benchmarks and always end up in the top 3 with no matter which part I benchmark. Here goes: CPU: Intel i7-2600k Sandy Bridge. Best if accompanied by a REAL cooler and overclocked to around 4,5GHz <- And that's very safe! (most go up to 5GHz) Board: ASUS p8p67(-pro) However not required, but I suggest picking the pro version of the board. RAM: Pick any 24GB of 1666MHz RAM. Graphics: ASUS GTX 560Ti (TOP)
  12. I don't really know if we should count Assembly as a language. But i've really been looking into learning a trick or two with assembly just to show off to my fellow coder friends.
  13. For a webserver I would also pick a Linux one. But most of the time I need to run some heavy tasks on a really powerful PC. For these heavy tasks I prefer Windows mostly because it allows me to easily edit and compile the server's source directly on the server machine without having to transfer Gigabytes of data back and forth. And with a 24core machine, you are not going to notice the performance difference anyway.
  14. Of course, of course. I'm glad you posted. One more thing regarding the piracy and I think I've said all I have to say: - These movies are actually so old, that even if I did find a DVD copy, it would not profit the developers behind it. I also feel like I own the right to download these movies without profiting the developers, since I own almost each and every of these movies on VCR, and bought it when it was even way more expensive than what it would be today. However most of these casettes have either been eaten by broken readers or simply gone missing while moving around. And those mo
  15. I am sorry mate if I have offended you in a way. But you should reconsider if this is even considered as piracy. The most of the movies are older than I am, and can not be found anywhere to buy.. well, not at least in where I come from. And even as a developer, I advise you to think througly about your policies. I understand if you disagree, but all software I have ever created and ever will; I am planning to release for free for those who can not afford it, and target those who can. As a good example I usually like to use Autodesk, they release all their software with a free student
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